Presto® HeatDish®

parabolic electric heater

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Presto® HeatDish®

Feels like three times the heat of a 1500 watt convection heater. Computer-designed parabolic reflector focuses heat output, like a satellite dish concentrates TV signals, so it feels much warmer than convection heaters.

Super-concentrated heat!LOL外围网站 Warms you directly, almost instantly. No need to heat the entire room.

Handy top-mounted thermostatic control with power reset switch. Provides an infinite range of heat settings. Maintains the desired temperature automatically.

Strong steel grille guards the ceramic-insulated heating element.

Special safeguard features.LOL外围网站 Heater turns off automatically in case of accidental tip-over. Plus, a warning buzzer sounds if heater is jarred or tipped while the heating element is energized.

Cost a third less to operate than 1500 watt heaters!LOL外围网站 Because it uses just 1000 watts, it can help save enough on electric bills to pay for itself in as little as one year.

Eliminate power losses! Because it uses less power, it helps eliminate inconvenient power interruptions caused by blown fuses on overloaded circuits.

LOL外围网站One year limited warranty.

120 Volts AC, 1000 Watts

Top-mounted thermostatic control automatically maintains the desired temperature.
Signal light tells you at a glance if the heater is plugged in.
Handy built-in cord wrap for convenient storage.